Kendrick is one of the trailblazers of the branding industry in the Philippines. He believes that branding plays a critical role in nation-building. Armed with this belief, Kendrick founded the brand venture studio Antidote in 2008 with a passion for creating Global-Minded Filipino Brands.

After creating several brands for the clients that have generated over a billion in revenue, Kendrick’s passion to brand for the motherland inspired him to create his own unique Filipino brands:

• Lagu – the world’s first sand repellant beach blankets

• Early Bird Breakfast Club – the pioneer all-day breakfast restaurant

• A-Game Athletecare – the revolutionary recovery sprays for athletes

• Samson Hates Delilah – the world’s first ‘foamade’  

• Spud Buds – potato snacks made with locally-grown potatoes  

With 13+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, Kendrick sets out on a new mission to inspire and educate aspiring entrepreneurs and brand builders with Kendrick Loves to Brand. The podcast features inspiring stories and lessons from the most respected entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders in the Philippines.

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