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068: Rajan Uttamchandani, Esquire Financing

Rajan Uttamchandani drops by to talk about empowering thousands of SME's by giving them access to financing and strategic advice.

067: Ivan Despi, The Acid House

Ivan Despi of The Acid House stops by to talk about creative vision and betting on yourself.

066: Howie Severino, GMA7

Legendary journalist and documentarist, Howie Severino, drops loads of wisdom on living a good life and staying on top of your field.

065: Jasen Ko, Laborem

Jasen Ko, Chairman of Laborem joins the show to talk about building impact through building enterprises.

064: Ken Jeswani, Scent & Beaute / Art of Scent

Ken Jeswani joins the show to talk about disrupting the fragrance and beauty industry here in the Philippines.

063: Designing a Creative Life with AJ Dimarucot

Renowned graphic designer AJ Dimarucot drops by the show to teach you how to live a creative life on your own terms.

062: Robert Alejandro, Papemelroti

Award-winning artist Robert Alejandro joins the show for a heartwarming and insightful conversation on creativity and entrepreneurship.

061: What's up, 2021?

Just a quick update on what's been going on and why the pod was on a hiatus. But we're back with more episodes!

060: Ed Bonoan, EPSON Philippines

Your favorite branding podcast is back, this time with Ed Bonoan, General Manager-Marketing for Epson Philippines!

059: Chris Roxas on Chasing Growth for Yourself and Your Team

Chris Roxas on how he approaches growth both for himself and for his team.

058: MINDSET MONDAY: Raise Your Hand

There's plenty of opportunities out there to help us break through. Sometimes, you just have to raise your hand to get a shot!

057: Melissa Yeung Yap, Got Heart / Katinko

Episode 57 features one of the country's brightest and big-hearted entrepreneur, Melissa Yeung Yap.

056: 2020 in Hindsight with Mark Tanseco Del Rosario

Friend of the program Mark Del Rosario of Let's Eat Pare drops by to take one last look at the year that was for lessons we can take in the new year.

055: MINDSET MONDAY: Take the L

Losses are part of the entrepreneurial journey. It's what you take away from the loss that matters.

054: Jacqe Gutierrez, Happy Skin/BLK Cosmetics

Jacqe Gutierrez of Happy Skin/BLK Cosmetics joins the show to talk about what it takes to build not one, but two game-changing cosmetic brands.

053: MINDSET MONDAY: Give Yourself a Headstart

052: MINDSET MONDAY: The Story is Not Over

051: Quark Henares, Globe Studios

Great conversation with the award-winning director and Head of Globe Studios, Quark Henares.

050: Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, Rags2Riches

Episode 50 features Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, the co-founder and President of Rags2Riches, one of the country's best social enterprises.

049: MINDSET MONDAY: Move Forward

Why you shouldn't keep dwelling on the past and instead, keep moving forward.

048: Crystal Gonzales, Pick.A.Roo

Episode 48 features the CEO of Pick.A.Roo, Crystal Gonzales, as we talk about her new venture as well as her previous stops with some of the biggest tech startups.

047: MINDSET MONDAY: True Measure of Success

What is the true measure of success?

046: Carlos Araneta: PBA Anchor/ Podcaster

PBA Anchor and Podcaster Carlos Araneta joins me this week to talk about betting on yourself, sports, fatherhood and more!

045: MINDSET MONDAY: It's Not Over Until You Win

How do you bounce back from failures and stop yourself from giving up?

044: Christine Ong-Te, COTE Events

Episode 44 features Christine Ong Te of COTE Events, one of the country's top weddings and events planner for the past 20 years.

043: MINDSET MONDAY: Goals vs Problems

What you focus on, expands. So choose carefully: goals or problems?

042: Alvin Aguilar, URCC/Deftac

Episode 42 features the Father of Philippine MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) himself, Alvin Aguilar! Bakbakan na!

041: Albert Ao, Project Mayo 7

Episode 41 features my cousin, Albert Ao, co-founder of Project Mayo 7, one of the hottest wedding videography groups in the country today.

040: Ernie Lopez, ABS-CBN/Creative Programs Inc.

Episode 40 welcomes Ernie Lopez of ABS-CBN as we talked about everything from his childhood to his many passions, and the biggest influences in his life.

039: MINDSET MONDAY: Win the Day

Sharing one of my strategies to help manage overwhelm and that "I-did-so-much-but-still-feels-like-I-didn't-do-enough" feeling.

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